Gospel Conversations Training is a biblical training event for everyone in the body of Christ, including brand-new believers, seasoned church members, and experienced church leaders alike. Learn how to share the gospel in 5 minutes with non-believers through simple tools like the 3 Circles presentation and more. Then, discover how to multiply disciple-makers to create an exponential wave of new believers at home and abroad.


Gospel Conversations Training begins and ends with scripture. Because the training methodology comes straight from the Word, believers can rest assured that it aligns with theological, doctrinal, and scriptural standards. The gospel training and tools are modeled after the same approach Jesus and his followers utilized to multiply disciples during Biblical times.


Gospel Conversations Training is approachable for believers of all skill levels. Learn bible verses to share the gospel clearly and effectively; the simple training format and gospel-sharing tools make it easy for anyone. Training participants get to practice sharing their story and God’s story in both the classroom and the local community!


In the biblical Great Commission, Jesus commanded believers to share the gospel and make disciples of all nations. To accomplish this, we must create a culture of multiplication. Gospel Conversations Training helps believers, churches, and ministries realize their God-given purpose: that they were made to multiply disciples and disciple-makers everywhere.

Low/No Cost

Gospel Conversations Training is free for training participants. If you’d like to host a training and teach your community about ways to share the gospel, only nominal costs would be involved, such as providing refreshments for your attendees. Experienced training practitioners—those committed to empowering the church—will travel to and lead your training session for free!

Hear how this training has impacted other churches

Curious to hear more about how this training practically plays out?  Here are a few 20 minute podcasts from churches who have engaged in this training and some of the impact they have started to see.

Making Disciples

Every church has something in their mission statement about making disciples? But, what does it actually…

Engaging the Harvest

Here’s one church’s story of getting started engaging the lost, from their backyard to the ends of the earth.


How can a church reach more people in 18 months than it did in its first 9 years of existence? And can it…

Mobilizing Missionaries

The lost people in your community and the unreached nations of the world can be reached the same way.


Want to host a Gospel Conversations Training event or learn more about how to share the gospel with a stranger? Send us a message and we’ll connect with you.